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  1. PDFPen Pro v9 OCR Remove

    Hello, For a while I have used hazel to OCR my documents and move them, etc into other folders. Over time I used some not-so-great tools to OCR files and finally found and used PDF Pen pro. Unfortunately that left me with older files that have horrible OCR layers. The new PDF Pen pro will remove those old layers and let me do a clean OCR but I'd like to do this with an embedded apple script in Hazel if possible; unfortunately I can't figure the command to delete the existing ocr layer from a file. Can any of you super smart people help with the script to simply call PDF Pen pro and remove the OCR layer? Sorry, I'm trying to learn but i've hit a wall and can't find the command in the script tool or right syntax if its off the regular "ocr" command. Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Creative animation studio
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to extract datapoints from the data stream that makes up graphic elements. We would like to extract the TcCo2 values and the ETCO2 values from our system, but Natus supposedly says there is no way besides making bitmaps and doing scanning of the graphed values against the range in the graphic box. PFFT c'mon, there must be values the system is using to make the graphs. Why can't it be exported? Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Explainer Video Production