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  1. Fillable On Web

    Heidi The first thing they need to do is provide a free viewer like acrobat reader. My members/customers are limited by having to use acrobat reader. For example they want $15 a month to insert javascript into fillable pdf forms. I got a quote from company to covert to html $20,000 - $30,000
  2. Fillable On Web

    Im just using the reg form for leaning here is the actual register Here is an exaple what I want link page 7 lesson 1 form3.pdf
  3. I am trying to get fillable forms on a web site or fill out form pdf locally then react with php on web. For example i have a registration form online and I am using Ajax javascript which the submit button calls up and the ajax sends the field variables to php to send verification email and store in database. I have the same reg form in a pdf and I have tried submitting form using the JS with full url to the php page. Pasted the JS in the box. It is not calling the JS function.I have also tried sending directly to the page and it wants to call up a file on C drive. I am putting online courses on a web site and would be satisfied with online fillable forms or having user eneter data locally the interacting with web to process. form5.pdf form8.pdf
  4. copy/paste pages

    I have lessons in a pdf and each unit has quizzes at the end of each unit. I want to cut or extract these quiz pages and paste into a new pdf. Is there a simple quick way?