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  1. OCR removing hyperlinked bookmarks

    I can't send the document to you due to confidentiality. I have tried the approach you mentioned, but I need to use the OCR on the papers with the hyperlinks. To use your example numbers, the hyperlinks are on page 1 (the index) and I need to OCR pages 2-5 and 6 onwards.I'm assuming this cannot be avoided?
  2. Hi all, First ever post, so apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I have a number of large pdf files from work. These are all image pdf, so I need to run OCR. The pdf has a hyperlinked index/contents page at the front, which allows me to navigate quickly through the pdf by clicking on the document name on the index. The contents page is also replicated in the bookmarks panel. I have pro, so running OCR isn't a problem, and I have OCR working fine. The problem is that when I run the OCR, it removes the hyperlinked functionality of the index and removes the bookmarks (even if I don't include the index in the page range OCR performance). Is there any way I can avoid this? I don't want to have to choose between OCR and hyperlinked document. I want it all!