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  1. File Optimization

    I was 'rolling' the document between years since I wanted to retain the bookmark structure but not the pages. I started with 237 mostly text pages, 2.4 mb. Bank statements and such. I deleted down to one blank page. ONLY ONE BLANK PAGE. Tried compressing. File size did not change appreciably. My guess, this program unindexes deleted pages but does not truly delete the data.
  2. File Optimization

    I started with a 2.4 mb 237 page text-heavy document (bank statements) and deleted all but one blank page, compressed and saved it. File size did not change appreciably. It should have gone down to maybe 10k.
  3. File Optimization

    Unless I'm missing something, It appears PDFElement only unindexes deleted pages but does not delete the data. For example, I have a 237 page text-heavy document that is 2.4 mb. I deleted all but one blank page and it's still the same 2.4 mb file size - despite only having one blank page. How to reduce the file size of these deleted pages?
  4. Make one pdf from a bunch of pdfs.

    Start PDFElement with no open files. Then home - combine files - and drag files (or browse and add, I think, works, too) and drag them around to the order you want.
  5. How to Combine PDFs and Retain Bookmarks?

    I was able to do it by having PDFElement open with no open files, then 'combine' and drag the files into the pane all at once. But if I opened a file and added other files, they went into new tabs and I could not figure out how to get them all in one big tab while retaining bookmarks.
  6. How to Combine PDFs and Retain Bookmarks?

    Running PDFElement WIN10. How do I combine PDFs while retaining bookmarks from both files I want to combine multiple files into one large non-tabbed file while retaining the bookmarks of both files. I can combine them into separate tabs while retaining the bookmarks but if I get them in one tab, I lose the bookmarks from the 'combined' files. This is pretty easy to do in ACROBAT.