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  1. Characters Are Converted During OCR

    Hello, I have a trial version of PDFelement 6 Professional. When I used the OCR feature on a few documents, I notice that sometimes the characters are converted to different characters, like the examples below. The illustration on the left is the original, and the illustration on the right is the converted copy. Is this because I have a trial version? Is there a remedy for this sort of behavior in the full version? Thank you, Chris Cerrato
  2. Reports?

    Hello, I have a trial version of PDFelement 6 Professional. I do not see a reports feature. Is there a reports feature on the full version? For example, could I get a report on which specific documents I worked on today, or how many documents were processed by all users over a given time period? Are those sorts of functions available? Thank you. Chris Cerrato
  3. Reports?

    Thank you, Heidi. We might want a report for the case when all the users are using the same license code, or we might want it for individual license codes. It would be a way for us to summarize activity over a time frame. Chris Cerrato
  4. Characters Are Converted During OCR

    Thank you, Heidi. I did confirm that the language is set to English, same results. It works really well aside from this, and it seems to be confined to roughly the same area of each document. Is the OCR that I have with the trial version any different from the OCR that would be available with a complete version? I am wondering if there might be a difference because I used a separate link to download the OCR plug-in. Chris Cerrato
  5. Hello, I have a trial version of PDFelement 6 Professional. I need to test the redaction feature using OCR, but I do not have OCR enabled. When I go to Edit/OCR, I get the pop-up for OCR Library Download, but it is followed by a pop-up "Please check your internet connection". Is OCR available on the trial version? If so, how do I get it? Thank you. Chris Cerrato