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  1. Delete Cropped Data

    Thanks for the reply. I am really surprised this is not already included!! With that said, thank you for submitting it to the Devs. IMO, this is a must for any advanced PDF editor. There are so many times a item can be scanned and a simple crop can not only clean up the edges of the scan, but if perhaps there is a page number, etc. that you need out, a simple crop is so much faster when doing multiple items. In my case it was a series of form numbers at the bottom of the page that were old numbers and needed to be removed. The crop would eliminate all at once. The redaction works, but it is very time consuming when multiple pages need done. In my case it was over 50. A crop is ideal, then having the ability to not allow that information to be visible (ie removing hidden data) would have been much faster than the redaction. I hope we see this in the near future. I need this feature quite often and that alone could steer me back to Adobe....reluctantly. Do you happen to know if the redaction can be recovered if someone else were to open the file?
  2. How do you permanently delete cropped data? Within Adobe Acrobat you can delete hidden data, but I am not seeing a way to do this in PDFElement. If I crop the document and then safe, if the document is opened again and crop is chosen, that data is still there. I have sensitive information that I need to crop out and need it to be permanently removed from the document.