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  1. AutoCAD text issues...`

    Heidi, Thanks for your reply! This does work, although I notice that this is not a setting that you can "save" so that the will open the next time with the annotations off. That would've been great if that would've worked that way, but I can't send out drawings to clients with annotations on. As for the "Save to PDF' from AutoCAD, that is not something you can do in AutoCAD like you can in Office, etc. In AutoCAD, the line weights of the objects in the drawing are controlled using a color table, which only works when you print a drawing using a printer driver and choose the correct color table to use on that drawing. Is there any way to permanently turn off the annotations? Or at least turn them off and have it hold that setting, so then I could send out a .pdf drawing it would open on the client end with the annotations turned off. Alternatively, we could delete them as you showed me how to do. That would be ok when you are working with a few sheets, but some of our sets have 60-80 sheets in them, so that would not be an option to have to delete all of those in each sheet. Sometimes we get .pdfs from others that we have to include in our sets and they have them locked, so we couldn't set those annotations to off in those files either. Thanks for your help, and any more ideas you may have! Chuck
  2. AutoCAD text issues...`

    Here is an example of another .pdf file with a lot of text, and a lot of the "bubbles" I am referring to. This one was created by someone outside of our office (probably form an AutoCAD Civil package), but the results are the same as some of the ones I am having issues with.
  3. AutoCAD text issues...`

    Greetings! I am having issues with .pfs made from AutoCAD. When I out of my AutoCAD application, certain fonts have little "bubbles" beside them (see attached .png). In this particular example, it is the 1-6 in the revision area of the title block. It is only doing this with certain fonts, as you will see in the example. If I hover my mouse over the numbers, I get a popup box that says AutoCAD SHX Text and has the corresponding number in it (see second.png). Sometimes on sheets with a lot of text, like a cover sheet, the entire sheet is just covered with these yellow bubbles. These screen captures are of a .pdf that was made using AutoCAD 2017 with the Wondershare PDFElement printer driver. Thanks for any help/advice on this issue. Chuck