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  1. Can't Download

    My IT department tried all of that and said the issue wasn't on our side that is was the esign website not allowing me to download the document. I have the same problem using different computers in and out of my office. The problem is with the esign website.
  2. Can't Download

    I am a new customer to eSign and I am having a problem. I have no problem uploading my document and sending the document to be sent. My problem is that I can not download the signed document to print it for my records. When we view the document and select Download we receive an error stating the Page Is Not Found. My IT department researched my problem and stated it is coming from the esign site and not an issue with our internet. If the forms can not be downloaded, then this program will not work for me. Please advise if the forms can be downloaded and how this problem can be fixed.