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  1. Shortcut for editing stamps

    Hi Wondershare team, I often need to edit stamps in documents. At my former program adobe I had a shortcut to edit selected stamps. This was very good and easy for editing. At pdfelements 6 pro, I found no shortcuts for stamps. I always must klick in the menue to comments --> stamps --> select my stamp. This is very annoying and time wasting. Can you edit the possibility to use shortcuts for some important functions? Regards Masi
  2. Hi Wondershare team, new pdf files are always opened as new tab, and I found now option to select that new files can be opened as new window. Can this be added as an option? Regards Masi
  3. Hi Wondershare team, if I made changes in an existing document and want to save the made things in the existing file with "save" (like at micosoft office!), I always must search the file, klick on it and confirm "override existing file". This is really anoying and not the function as it should be. This is the way if I use "save as" or "save under". Then I need to search a new name or folder to save as/at. Can you please check and fix it. Best regards Masi