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  1. Paperless Office Setup Basics

    I am about to take on the task of creating a paperless office. It seems to be an overwhelming task and I can't find too much info on where to start. I understand the concept of creating PDFs of all my documents. However, I do have a number of questions I need to have answered before diving into this project. I hope somebody has the answers. How do you structure the files you are about to create? It does not look like this software automatically creates a database of all documents What kind of naming structure is best when creating the PDFs of my documents? It must be wise to use the same naming structure to provide consistency. What are some examples others are using? What is normally done with all hard copies of documents I convert to PDFs. Do I keep them on file for a while or can they be sent out to be shredded? What is the best way of maintaining a paperless office Having answers to those questions will at least get me off to a good start. Many thanks in advance for any replies!!!