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  1. fillable form will not print

    I've cured the issue. I've locked the font size to a specific size within the form field properties in Adobe. Previously the fields font size was set to "Auto". I believe there was a conflict between the phone or the software and the "auto" setting. Perhaps it was making the font so small it wouldn't print.
  2. fillable form will not print

    I was printing and emailing directly from this application on the iPhone. Interestingly as I resend myself this document today, the fields are filled out so the emailing portion has fixed itself. The same document however I cannot print directly from the iphone. The fields are left blank. Thanks for the help
  3. Using PDFelement on an iPhone with the latest apple software upgrades entering data into form fields, that data entered into those fields will not print or email. The input data in the form fields is visible on the phone, but nowhere else. Am I missing a step? The original PDF with form fields was created in Adobe Acrobat Pro extended. I now need to fill out forms on my iPhone. Will your program do it?