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  1. Background Bar and Layering.

    ...The file pilot is the one with the duplicated fields. the file pilotmessed up [above] is another one I created this morning with one new form field that also fails to be open with the CETE software. We have many other files created previously in the old Adobe software LiveCycle which run in the CETE software with no problem. pilot.pdf
  2. Background Bar and Layering.

    pilotMESSEDUP.pdf I have an issue where the file is failing to be opened by a third party component called DynamicPDF by CETE systems which our developers use to fill the form-fields programmatically. We contacted their tech support and they told us there are duplicate form fields: form1[0].#subform[0].AgentTelephone[0] form1[0].#subform[0].AgentTelephone[0]. form1[0].#subform[0].AgentTelephone[0]. However we cannot see these fields in your software. Am I missing a trick? Is there something I have to do to make these fields visible so that I can edit them? The CETE support said they were able to view the duplicate files in Acrobat Professional 10
  3. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you for the video tutorial, I have done this now, only thing I noticed however is that if I change the photo in the same box, the text gets pushed to the layer behind, any ideas to prevent this? Attached is a pdf I would like to replicate, this time however I want to put borders around static text and field text in the same format padded around the text, how can I do this also please? MyPDF(1).PDF
  4. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi Rebecca, attached is a demo pdf i have opened and modified with your program, ultimately, the blue bars, i want to keep or replicate, but I would like the option to change the colour, I couldn't find you on Skype? Thank you pilot.pdf
  5. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi Rebecca, I have done this, however my static text is still hidden underneath, although the dynamic field appears on top when I'm in edit view, plus when I go to print this, as it is a comment box, it does not display, please help, this is driving me crazy! Is there any way I can Skype you and be able to resolve this together via team viewer? As this is the only things preventing me from buying this software so far! Thank you.
  6. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi Daphne, Thanks, I will give that a go, can you get back to me on my other comments please?
  7. Background Bar and Layering.

    Also creating a new pdf, is there any way i transfer all fields from previous pdf into this, without having to do these individually?
  8. Background Bar and Layering.

    Could you send me step by step instructions to achieve this result please, as I am not too familiar with your platform at the moment? As I cannot edit my previous comments, apologies for the multiple posts.
  9. Background Bar and Layering.

    Attached is an screenshot of an old pdf I have which I have opened in your program, ultimately I would like it in the same format having the dynamic fields and text on top of the background box colour, but with the ability to change the colour from the blue in the screenshot.
  10. Background Bar and Layering.

    Hi Rebecca, Sorry, but I don't really follow what you mean, do you mean that I would need to create an image of a solid colour and upload as an image? Also when I add an image as above, the image still appears on top of my existing text, how could I put the image to the back layer? Is there any way I can achieve my result, other than do in the method you have mentioned? Many Thanks.
  11. I am wanting to create a background rectangle, so that I can put multiple items on top, however, when I create the rectangle under "Comment > Rectangle", it appears on top of my text, how do I layer it, so that it goes into the background and the text, fields, or whatever specified will be on top? I have also tried the approach of what I'm wanting to achieve in my comment above by using the feature in "Comment > Area Highlight" which seems to put the highlight in the background, but there is no option once it was initially drawn to amend the size of the position of it. Does anybody have a suggestion of what the best way of doing this is? Thank you.