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  1. XFA form field document

    Heidi: Why did I not get an email notice that linked me to your reply? I thought I signed up for email notice. Are your replies able to be sent/noticed to my email? Thanks, Roger
  2. XFA form field document

    This is my first time to send a Question. Could find nowhere to call someone! I have a XFA document. I can fill it in just using microsoft edge, or pdf element 6. Often I copy old documents and modify them. I don't recall having a problem. Today I tried it with pdf element 6, and whenever I clicked on a fill in block, all the text would dissappear. If I escaped out of it, it would come back. I was unable to 'edit' by highlight any of the filled in blocks. The 'edit' tab showed no useable functions. I tried it with several old forms. What is the problem? I know I've been getting occasional updates. Has that caused a problem? I've attached a file. For example, click on 'Reasons'. When I do it, it all goes away. If I escape out it comes back. Roger 180319_172_CV-116-CaseFlowRequest-Rescind Refile Agreement.pdf
  3. Every day for a while when I open a file the pdf element 6 says there are updates, do I want to update now. When I try to close the file, the update goes away. Today, after I opened a file, the update came up again. I said ok. It asked if I wanted to save the file, I said ok. Then it froze. I was unsuccessful in further attempts to close & continue update. I finally shut off the computer. Restarted. It appears to run as before but no offer to update. Nor do I find any 'update' file in my downloads or documents folders. Please advise. Is the 'update' legitimate; if so how do I accomplish it? Thank you, Roger