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  1. SignX Mails not being sent to clients

    @Rebecca Chen any update? Looks like the issue is still not resolved. I even tested it on Hotmail and icloud Email IDs. Both have not received mail for signing in Inbox or Spam Folder. Please understand that getting e-signatures for contracts is critical for our business and delays cause huge loss to our business. Looking forward to a quick resolution. Best, Aditya
  2. Hi All, None of the mails that we are sending the last few days have been received by our clients. We also tried sending it internally within our teams and that also was not received in either the Inbox or the Spam Folder. The process I followed is Adding the Signers, drag and drop the signature boxes and send for signature. Please note that we and our clients operate out of India and more than 98% of people use gmail for Emailing purposes. Please help as it is creating a roadblock to sign more than 50 contracts since last 2 days. Thanks, Aditya
  3. Unable to upload docs for signing

    Hi, I tried uploading a document. But all i received was a small text box with preview written on it (See Attached Image). Any idea what could have gone wrong? Regards, Aditya