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  1. Hello? Neither the standard or pro Windows version of the submit button/email form is working. I've tried them both. I'm using Windows, not Mac. I've attached the sample form I made with the Pro version. Could you please ask the technicians to check this? Rebecca was having problems too. Any idea when this might be resolved? I'm eager to purchase your product but I need to make sure this works first. Thank you, Debra Employment Application 020418 short version-Pro.pdf
  2. Hello Heidi, I thought I had downloaded the trial copy for Windows. I'm not an Apple/Mac user. I downloaded the trial version of the software from this page - and downloaded the Standard version. We don't need to extra features in the Pro version. Is there something wrong with the standard version for Windows? Debra
  3. Hello Heidi, That was the faq I was using as guidance. I've attached a short version of the form. The button is on the last page. There are only two fields set up so far, the signature and the date. When I hit the "Submit Application" button, nothing happens. I've also tried it with an mailto:<emailaddress>. Thank you for your help, Debra Employment Application 020418 short version.pdf
  4. I'm on Windows 10. Thanks Rebecca. I look forward to hearing from you. Deb
  5. I'm testing the trial version of PDF Elements Standard version (I don't think we need all the bells & whistles in the Pro version). Your web materials say that the system should allow me to create a button that will email a completed form in the pdf format to an email address. I'm testing this before I purchase the software and invest a lot of time setting of the rest of the form fields. (It's a 4 page employment application.) I've tried the method shown on this page - And it's not working. I've also tried using the http://mailto:<email address> and that's not working either. What do I need to do to make this work? I would love to proceed with purchasing your software and getting this form on-line. Thank you for your help, Debra
  6. Sending pdf form from web

    It looks very straightforward. I'm excited to give it a try! If all works with the trial version, we'll be signing up! Thank you for your time, mtnerd
  7. I would like to create an pdf Employment Application and link it to my website. When an applicant is applying for an open position, they will fill out the form and click "submit" at the end of the form and the completed form will be emailed to the head of our Human Resources department. Can I do this with PDF Element? If so, could you please direct me to the documentation for the process? Thank you, mtnerd