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  1. code has been activated repeatedly

    hello , this is the answer from support : Even though it is the same computer, the registration code has been used for 6 times more than the system limit. It is invalid now. If you'd like to purchase the program, we can offer you a discount. Regards, Alice Support Team Wondershare Software http://support.wondershare.com I have installed the software exclusively on one PC several times NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANY SOFTWARE FROM WONDERSHARE !!! no other software company bids paid customers like that !
  2. "You could be a victim of software forgery We have noticed that your registration code has been activated repeatedly. You can still use it at the moment. Please check the security of your data. We will disable the code..." I install every new software version of "PDFElement 6 pro" to always the same PC because I have an image of Windows 7 without PDFElement.Why you will therefore disable me the code? I do not do anything illegal! I do that with other software and never had any problems with it .I just want to have a clean install of my programs. The code is only used by me and by nobody else !!!