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  1. setup units

    Hello! I think it's a very important feature. I'm sure it will be recognized as important in the development team. Is there a possibility to find out that this feature is enabled in pdfelement? Thank you in advance!
  2. setup units

    Thank you for your reply. I've previously noticed that I can change the measurement units in Page Boxes as you indicated in the answer, but it does not solve my problem. Attached pictures show how apps are showing dimensions! My English is bad, so I'll try to formulate the same question differently. I want to configure PDFelement so that always all measures are displayed in the ISO system measure because other systems are not acceptable to me. (I want the application not showing measures in inches rather than millimeters in all places.) Is it possible to configure the app in this way?
  3. setup units

    Hello everyone! Please help! I would buy several pdfelemet licenses, because the application seems useful to me. The problem is what I do not know how to adjust the units for the pages so that they are expressed in centimeters or millimeters. Thank you very much!