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  1. Conversion of tabular

    Thanks for converting my pdf file. However I'd want your programmers to be interested in this problem because the conversion of pdf files including some tabulars is not easy in case of texts with accented letters. Pierre
  2. Conversion of tabular

    I report again a bug in conversion of pdf files including tabulars. Let be the sample file Conversion.pdf including a tabular, I wish to convert this file in docx. Fist test: I open this file in PDFelement Pro and I select the Convert Menu then I click "to Word", I get the file Conversion_1.docx. As you can see the tabular is well replicated but all the accented french letters are not converted. Second test: I do the same process but I select OCR with french language and I get Conversion_2.docx. In this case the accented letters are well converted but all the horizontal and vertical lines vanish. I work on iMac with MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. Regards. Conversion.pdf Conversion_2.docx Conversion_1.docx
  3. Editing pdf files

    I have just tested my previous sample pdf file with many fonts. Indeed the problem is fixed with very few of them: Helvetica, Courrier, Menlo. But we get this bug with most fonts tested, particularly with fonts Times or Times New Roman very useful in writing texts.
  4. Editing pdf files

    I thank you for your answer. Do you know the fonts which trigger this problem? But would it be possible to be put in contact with a french user of PDFelement for exchanging information about this problem because I suppose I am not the only one to have this difficulty. Regards.
  5. Editing pdf files

    I thank you for your answer. I work with MacoS 10.12 Sierra and I use a french keyboard AZERTY. This problem occurs in typing my text: for example I wish to type "c'est à dire" I type "c ", then I type the quote and the letters "est" then "c' 'est" occurs immediately in my text. Deleting these space characters implies deleting the quote ad I get "cest" instead of "c'est". Saving the document keeps the bug; in opening again the edited document the erroneous "c' 'est" is always existing. I am really surprised when you tell that you can easily deleting the space characters in my test pdf file. Please, I will be very grateful if you report this problem to development team because, in the present circumstance, I am unable to use PDFelement for writing texts or letters. Regards.
  6. Editing pdf files

    I have reported several times an awkward bug in editing pdf texts. If we type "c'est à dire, doesn't, it's, .... " we get "c' est à dire,doesn' t, it' s, ....". If I try to correct in deleting these space characters I get "cest à dire, doesnt, its, .... ". Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new release PDFelement Pro 6.4.3 and I notice that this bug is not fixed. With such a bug, how can you announce that PDFelement edits documents as easily as Microsoft WORD? I hope that my complaint will be taken into account. I join my pdf test file. Regards. Test creation.pdf
  7. Editing in french

    I have just installed the new release of PDFelement Pro 6. Congratulations about the possibility to edit pdf texts in european languages including accented letters as ê, î, ë ... and so on. However I previously reported two bugs which are not fixed in this new release. First, the conversion of tabular does not work: if I wish to convert a tabular including some words with accented letters (for example: Président, Crédit) if I dont launch the OCR I get a converted tabular with horizontal and vertical lines but without conversion of accented letters; else I launch OCR, the conversion of accented letters is good but the lines of the converted tabular are not drawn, I get the correct letters but I have no tabular. Second bug already reported, the elision in french language: if I wish type "l'amitié" for example PDFelement produces "l' amitié"; deleting the space characters deletes also the apostroph sign, in the exemple "lamitié". I hope this bugs fixed in a next release of PDFelement. I thank you for your work.