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  1. Any progress on the issue i reported please? Thx John W
  2. Yes am on 6.3.5 now updated to 6.3.6 Thanks Why do i not get the notification emails when you respond to my topics????
  3. I have a Form with about 40 items on the form, some of them are Check Box's and there is one DropDown list. The tab sequence works fine for all Text Boxes, but will not go to either of teh Check Boes or the Drop Down Box items. Why not. 2018 GHYC Master Entry Form.Final.V6.with Fields.pdf
  4. Tab Sequence Set Up

    The reason that i am using PDF is so that people who are not experts in PC or Mac can download the PDF simply and fill it in simply. PDF's are documents that allow portability,,, hence the name.... if you are trying to force inexperienced PC/MAC users to buy programs such as your then that defeats the purpose of PDF's surely. You response is not acceptable.
  5. Tab Sequence Set Up

    Hello, An update to me last post.. Adobe Reader DC, the latest version that is available, are problematic on latest version of MAC OSX system software, however i have access to an oder MAC and on there the Reader works fine and if i try to read and complete my form that i created with PDF elements 6 it seems to work fine. However for the Windows environment i cannot comment i use windows 10 also on a machine and there the latest version of Acrobat DC will not even install. Apologies, if this thread is moving of subject, but it sort of is related. John
  6. Tab Sequence Set Up

    Hello, Thank You for your responses. However i have some further input in regard to reading and completing a form, created by PDF Elements, on browsers, for example Chrome, which is the most popular browser out there, this is what i have found:- When you complete the form in Chrome, the very first field cannot be populated by any text, yes the cursor moves but nothing is displayed. However the biggest issue, for me is that when you select Save Page as... the saved page does NOT INCLUDE any of the field data. you get an empty form,,, the Print option works, but what a solution, we are trying to digitise the form and yet the most popular Browser does nto handle it correctly??? The Safari browser works fine and you can retain he form and all data if you Export as PDF Firefox browser your cannot even open the PDF form Back to PDF readers, Acrobat 9 , which is the latest i have on the mac, you can open it, but Acrobat displays a warning that none of the text can be saved.... Not doing too well are we.?
  7. Tab Sequence Set Up

    You honestly want me to tell mac users they cannot use Preview to fill in a form???? that is totally unrealistic and not acceptable. You are making it very difficult for me to continue using your software....
  8. Tab Sequence Set Up

    OK, Thanks...Progress..... OK I have one strange situation in that i have a Check Box on the form, and it shows up as in the correct Tab Sequence, but when i Look at the From using Preview on the MAC, the tab will not identify the Check Box field, it selects all others, but not the Check Box. Is this a known issue??? Thx John
  9. Tab Sequence Set Up

    Hello, I have spent about 4 - 5 hours here today trying to resolve this Tab Sequence issue and i think i can honestly say you software is broken when it comes to being used on a MAC with 10.13 software First of all where is the Close Form Editing Button?? Look at the attached screen shots, the fist is when i have inserted up to 7 fields and i added three more fields, but not in the order i wanted. note the Age field is set at 9 and i want it to be at 8. See the second screen shot when i select the Age field to try and change it, and it moves to 1 and the first field, now becomes 9, and strange things like this keep on happening.
  10. Hello, I am very new to this application so excuse the apparent simple questions I am having a lot of difficulty in setting up the correct Tab sequence to allow a user to progress logically through a form, can someone point me to the documentaiton that explains how to do this please? At present if i try to change the sequence by selecting a field the changes appear to be random. Thx John