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  1. no upgrade reflected on my account

    Just tried to login with the gmail address and it's not letting me in. It says error: user does not exist. This makes sense since I clicked the buy button from my free service@geoquantumlandandhomes.com account. This is very confusing. Can you just apply the invoice to my free account service@geoquantumlandandhomes.com? I need to start using it now.
  2. no upgrade reflected on my account

    The order id seems to be EU826014825 but it's in What seems to be German on the invoice... The email is geoquantumlandandhomes@gmail.com instead of service@geoquantumlandandhomes.com for some reason. could you please check and update with the correct email address? I was not able to update the email address. Thanks.
  3. no upgrade reflected on my account

    I upgraded and paid for the paid subscription over 1 hour ago. My account still says "4 left" and says that I have a "free" account. Why?? I remember it saying that it would take 30 minutes to update at checkout for some reason but it has been much longer. What do I need to do to see the updated profile since I did get the invoice confirmation email? I need to be able to start using this today with the custom fields. Please help. Thanks.