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  1. PDF printing loss of detail

    Hi, Prints coming from PDFelement appear quite unprecise and partly pixilated. Can you fix this? Please refer to further details below. Regards, Richard OCCURRENCE I was printing a pdf document containing a bar code. Printer used: Canon MG7700 series. Paper type used: standard office printing paper. In the print dialogue box, apart from the fine-print option (high resolution printing) I applied only standard printer settings; no page scaling, and no adjustments regarding saturation, contrast, lighter/darker, et cetera. DETAILS OF THE ISSUE In my search to find out why this effect was happening, I printed the bar code from both PDFelement and Apple's "Preview" app. Please refer to the attached Scan of both prints.pdf as well as the attached Original bar code document.pdf. Please use your computer screen to compare the two scanned prints with each other and with the original bar code document. You should find issues regarding: (A) bar code sharpness (B) text sharpness (C) Picture sharpness A. bar code: · On your computer screen I expect you to notice that the bar code in Original bar code document.pdf is shown in sharp detail. · In comparison with that, please view the second attached file Scan of both prints.pdf, will show you that: o the print made from PDFelement has lost much of its detail. Most vertical bar code lines have not stayed separated - as they should be - but instead have melted into thicker bars which are unreadable for bar code scanners. o In contrast, the print made from Apple's Preview app is quite sharp. B. text: · Between both prints in Scan of both prints.pdf, please compare the letters l in the name of the addressee ("Coolblue"). These letters are much thicker in the PDFelement print than how they appear in Apple's Preview print. Overall, the font thickness in the PDFelement print is not consistent, leaving the appearance of a rough print with lowest resolution. C. pictures: · Between both prints in Scan of both prints.pdf, please compare the pictures of (1) the pair of scissors at the top of the dotted box and (2) the wrench. The pictures in the PDFelement print clearly show pixilation, while they appear quite sharp in the other print.
  2. While moving pages, something in the view does not go right. I'm already able to move pages (like in Edit mode or in Page mode), but changes will only appear after I save and reopen the document. What happens during the move action is this: 1 - I drag a page to a new position. 2 - When I drop the page, it automatically falls back to its former position and stays there. 3 - When I save the document and reopen it, the page that I wanted to move, actually appears to have moved anyway. So, all in all, my move action does succeed but the editing window does not present this in the right way. This to me is not only confusing but it makes it practically impossible to do more than one move action in a row. This is because after my first move action, all pages - moved or not moved - are in a different order and position than they appear. Therefore, during each next move action, I cannot see which page I'm actually moving, or to which position I'm moving it. I assume this is a bug. The solution would be that the bug is fixed so that program updates the view of the page order immediately after each move action.
  3. My PDF has searchable text so I expect to be able to edit existing text. For example, I expect to be able to insert a new word between two existing words. This does not work. What happens is this: - After opening my PDF, I click in a text box and set the cursor at the desired place. - I start typing text. - Only the first character I enter will appear. - I can delete that new character but I cannot re-enter it, nor can I enter any character anywhere in the document. - I am able to delete characters and words anywhere in the document but cannot retype anything in that same space (or anywhere else). - After deleting a character or a word, I can undo that action and the deleted text will re-appear. - I'm wondering why the submenu of the "Edit" button does NOT show a button for editing existing text. These are my available buttons: Add text, Add picture, Link, Crop, Watermark, Background and Header/Footer. I have tried this with several PDF documents, all with searchable text and I cannot any of them. Also I would like to know: - where to find an up to date tutorial which focuses on the latest version of the software - how to change the language of the user interface of the software