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  1. Hi Daphne, We have urgent requirement. Is it possible to support customization to match our requirement? or Is it possible for us to customize if you provide any SDK? Regards, Krishna
  2. Hi Daphne, Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to add custom user pattern to tool (like text in circle or square) or any sort of customization possible to increase the accuracy and support our requirement? Regards, Krishna
  3. Hi Daphne, Thanks for your reply. As per your suggestion, I have enabled Japanese and Traditional chinese option. Please check the output file. But this output(data extracted from scanned PDF) accuracy is less when we compare the output of data extraction from normal PDF file. Is it possible to improve the accuracy or quality of PDF to excel conversion? Whenever I am opening the scanned PDF I will get warning message to perform OCR (as shown in attached pdfelement6_cap.png). Please provide your feedback on the same. Regards, Krishna Input_Table.pdf pdfelement6_output2.xlsx
  4. Hi Daphne, Thanks for your reply. I have checked option in the setting. Only scanned pdf is already selected. I have attached the output file of scanned pdf. Please provide your feedback. Regards, Krishna pdfelement6_output.xlsx
  5. Hi Daphne, Thanks for your reply. Sample output which I attached is generated using standard PDF file(soft copy). Not using scanned copy. If I Input scanned PDF copy to PDFElement 6 pro trial version, even though we can perform the OCR, I will not be able to save the file and convert to excel file. Is there any way to achieve using trial version? Is there way to support custom data extraction like data written in a circle? Also whether this software is having any dependency on MS Excel version? Whether API or SDK version available for developer to use?(C++/C#) OS: Windows Regards, Krishna
  6. Hi All, I have attached an pdf for your reference. The task is to convert a PDF file (data from each column including geometric shapes) to an Excel file. Let us know whether "PDFElement 6" is suitable for requirement (to read Japanese kanji character, data written in a circle or square etc.). Is software is having any dependency on MS Excel version? Whether API or SDK version available for developer to use?(C++/C#) OS: Windows It would be great if your tool can support our requirement. We are interested in buying this tool if our requirement can be fulfilled. We tried PDFElement6 trial version to evaluate the software with normal PDF file. Attached sample output of PDFElement 6 tool. It is not extracting some of the symbols like circle,square etc. Also we found some alignment problem if table is having merged cells. Any way to resolve these problems? We wanted to evaluate OCR tool also before buying. Any way to evaluate the functionality before buying the tool? Regards, Krishna Table.pdf table_pdfelement.xlsx