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  1. Greetings, For a quite long time I have noticed that PDFelements (now the latest version) are EXREMELLY slow compared to Acrobat. Opening a file (scanned document) takes ages, scrolling becomes really difficult, not to mention that some documents with pictures do not open AT ALL. Is there any additional setting to be made or is it simply the nature of the product. I simply cannot continue using it. Any advice will be appreciated. My regards with Normal Merry Christmas wishes.
  2. Greetings, The latest version of PDF Elements does not open PDF files (not all). The files in question are opened almost instantly by Acrobat. The program PDF Elements starts opening a file then it stops with no results. The progress bar has been terminated by appearing a red close button. This is very annoying - PDF Element are supposed to be a reliable pdf program manipulation. Please advice - my question is directed specially to the Technical Support. Thank you in advance