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  1. Font Selection Won't Stick

    FYI Most Mac users do not have their computers to Yes that is the procedure I am following. FYI Mac users do not usually have their computers configured or know what a "right-click" is. It seems that PDFelement 6 Pro is substituting fonts rather than not sticking. If I select "Monaco" then "CourierNewPSMT" is selected., "Menlo"->"Menlo Regular", "Helvetica"-> "Arial MT". Is there a way to get the font I selected.
  2. I am suing PDFelement 6 Pro for the mac on Sierra. I have opened up a PDF and selected Form in the tab bar at the top of the window and then under the panel on the right called Forms selected Edit and the selected Form Field Recognition. My problem is when I double click the Text Field to edit its properties and select a font in Appearances I select for example Helvitica the selection does not stick and smoother font is selected. How do I change the font in a text field in a form that I am creating?