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    Hi -- Daphne I have just emailed you a PDF extract as well as a link to a screenflow showing you what happens. When I tried to upload the PDF here it gave me an error message (possibly because the file is 9mb) Also I don't understand why I'm not receiving notifications when you reply to me? The green box below is ticked. (I have said no to marketing updates etc but surely that doesn't stop the form replies getting through?) I look forward to hearing -- my email was sent about 5 minutes ago to the address you gave above. Many thanks Karen Inglis Here is a link to the screenflow https://www.dropbox.com/s/nih7h4a4i06hh65/Karen%20Inglis_issue%20with%20PDF%20element%20fonts.mp4?dl=0

    Hi Daphne -- I have checked and the trial version is indeed version 6.3.3 - see attached. I don't remember if I saved that PDF yesterday but if I didn't I will go in now and replicate the problem and attach it here and email it to you. Please also reply to me at kpinglis@wellsaid.co.uk

    Hi Rebecca -- or someone else. I never received your reply as I had assumed I would get a notification. Are you still there because I have just downloaded a trial version of PDF element 6 and have the same issue. Before I go into detail can you please reply to this message and then we can hopefully sort this out. I have still only used PDF element once since I bought it and am very unhappy at the wasted expense. I just tested an existing PDF which has Century Schoolbook typeface and the exact same issue happened -- I definitively have this font on my machine. The sample below was tested using PDF element 6 trial version. Yes I am on a Mac and have the version for Mac Please can you copy your reply to kpinglis@wellsaid.co.uk as well just in case I don't somehow see you message here? Thanks

    I bought this software a year ago and quickly found that it didn't correctly display the fonts as they should be . I tried to get a refund at the time but didn't get any response and I've barely used it as a result. I feel very hard done by. I've now just come to try it again and have tested how to edit a PDF to see if anything has changed, but I find that when I try to change a font to a very common one the look and feel is awful -- see attached screenshots where the fonts are displaying in bold when they shouldn't be. The highlighted text is how the selected fonts render (see the drop-down at the top of the screenshot to see which font I have selected.) WHY do the fonts not display as they should?. I would really like someone from the PDF Element team to explain what the issue is here. These are fonts that are on my machine already I'm 99% sure. If I can't make this product work for me then I'd like a refund -- yet I never received any reply when I emailed about this a week or so after I first bought the product. For example Garamond and Century look terrible. I look forward to hearing and hope someone will tell me that I'm doing something basic wrong. With many thanks.