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  1. Will not upgrade to 6.3

    Hello, I had that experience too on one of the upgrades. It keeps downloading to 100% then shows failed message after. I solved by deleting browser temporary internet files then redownloaded this time and fixed the problem. Internet explorer user here.
  2. PDFelement 6 Pro Dropdown %View

    Hello, I found out that the older version of Wondershare Pdf Element 5.12.1 is the one causing the problem. I had to uninstall that version since both of them are running on this machine. It is working now and thanks for your time with me.
  3. PDFelement 6 Pro Dropdown %View

    Using the latest version here
  4. PDFelement 6 Pro Dropdown %View

    Hello, Windows version here. Yes I saw your video and as I said you can only change by the + and - buttons like what you demonstrated. What I am talking about is the quick jump to the %size wanted from the dropdown list by selecting from there Can you do that on yours like when your current view is 25% and jump immediately to 200%? Mine here I have to click the + button six times to get to 200%. Selecting the 200% won't allow me, it just don't do any action.
  5. PDFelement 6 Pro Dropdown %View

    Can not use the predefined dropdown %View to jump to a desired view size. To go from 125% to 50% have to click "-" button couple of times instead of jumping immediately from the dropdown list.