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  1. Blue Form Fields

    Hi all, Got a problem with the blue form fields in that some people are opening the PDF with Reader and filling them in. They then email the PDF to others who think the form is blank as the blue colour is obscuring the text beneath it. Doesn't seem to happen to everyone though...of course! I tried to disable the highlighted form and re-save but the blue returns when you open it again. Can I remove the blue highlight? Thanks, Vic
  2. Calculations not correct

    Hi all, I too have a problem with the calculations in the attached file in that the “Total” seems to vary and is seldom correct! The horizontal calcs are correct but: If I enter 1 in all the Number Attending column fields it ignores the 25 amount If I delete one of the Numbers Attending it leaves the wrong total but this doesn’t always tie up with the number deleted. If I delete all the Number Attending figures it sometimes leaves a positive total. I think I have the correct field calculations set. Could you try it and see what’s going on here please? Many thanks. Vic. CALC TEST.pdf
  3. Submit Button Problem

    Hi all, Sorry for the false start... should have checked first!!! Something had altered my Thunderbird settings. I have now reset it to be the default email client and the submit button works fine. Many thanks Vic.
  4. Hi Guys, I have created a submit button on my test form (attached) and set it to send the PDF form by email. Yesterday, it worked fine in that when I hit the submit button, it opened my Thunderbird/Hotmail page, with the form already entered as an attachment. Today I get a small pop-up box asking me to create a new profile. (Screenshot attached) Not sure what this is? If I close the box I get an error box, (also attached) Any help appreciated. Vic. WORD-TO-PDF-1 TEST.pdf