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  1. Hi Daphne, enclosed you will find a demo pdf I created with your program under Mac. The goal is to use optional check boxes to get only 1 box activated out of 2 or out of 4. In your program everything works fine. If I open the crated pdf under Acrobat Reader on a windows PC it works also. But If I open the pdf under the normal preview app on a MAC, it don't works: All boxes can be clicked on and off ---> the option fields are converted to normal check box behavior. How to avoid this - I need the form working independent under windows and iOS/Mac. Thank you for your answer! Blank Document2_Optimize.pdf
  2. I used pdfelement 6 pro under iOS to create a form including optional fields for yes/no answers. In pdfelement everything works correctly as expected. After file saving and opening unter windows the acrobat reader also recognizes the optional fields with the right yes/no alternatives. Under iOS and preview app these optional fields are not working - they were converted to checkboxes only in the shape of optional fields. You can change yes/no to anything (incl. yes and no in parallel or nothing, ...). Do you know how to avoid this?