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  1. BAD! all fonts are changed when editing PDF

    You should also make sure the font you want to use is in your font folders on your computer, too. I had that problem with a manuscript that someone else had typed using the font Garamond, which I did not have. I downloaded that font and moved it to the appropriate fonts folder on my computer, and the problem was solved. (The instructions I used to do that won't work for you, since I have Windows, but if you do an online search, you should find the information you need.)
  2. Punctuation Problems When Editing Text

    As an Author/Editor, I purchased PDFelement to edit my manuscripts. However, I find that punctuation, including commas, periods, and quotation marks, does not stay with the word it should be next to. Instead, it goes to the next line (in the case of ending punctuation) or, in the case of an opening quotation mark, stays on the previous line. I can sometimes force the punctuation to go back where it belongs by switching from paragraph mode to line mode and typing it where it belongs/deleting it where it doesn't, but if I edit again in paragraph mode, it may default back to being wrong again. Additionally, it inserts extra spaces where they do not belong. Here is an example: "My friend , Dianne Shriver , tried..." It added an extra space after the words "friend" and "Shriver" and before the commas. (Let's just say that's not how we do it in the USA.) I took them out, but it puts them back again every time. (Yes, I remembered to save.) In fact, I removed them again then saved before copying pasting that text, and yet there they are! I applied to be a beta tester on a previous run, and was told yes, but never heard back again. Is there an email or other way to contact the appropriate parties directly with problems and issues like this? I have at least one co-contributor who is looking for a program like this, but I cannot recommend it until it functions properly. I will love it to pieces when it finally works the way it is meant to, I just hope that is sooner rather than later.