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  1. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for the video and the answer. I have been able to fill it out on reader, but I couldn't save the data I entered into it. This is probably because I'm testing it with the free trail. I'm researching alternatives to Adobe for a company and I've gotta make sure this can do everything they need. A form created from PDFelement needs to be able to be filled out and saved in Adobe Reader since that is what most of their clients have. I've included the message I get when I try to save a sample form created with the PDFelement 6 Pro trail. Thanks, Chad
  2. I want to create forms using PDFelement 6 and have someone fill it out and save their data then send it back without them having to use PDFelement. If I create the form in PDFelement can someone fill it out with adobe reader and save their data to it then send it back? Thanks