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  1. Converting PDF to Word for editing

    So I just tried the trial version and it stated that the document I am trying the convert to Word is not a scanned version so does not need OCR operation. This means that, according to your advice above, the standard product should have worked. The trial Pro version has converted the product into exactly the same version as the standard product - a picture of the PDF on a word document. Is there anything else I am missing here?
  2. Converting PDF to Word for editing

    Hi, the product information on the Apple App Store states that the product I bought (PDFElement6, not the professional) can convert PDF files to Word for editing. I paid $46.99 for that product. From what you say above it looks like I need to upgrade to the professional package (for $99.95 extra) in order for me to do what it said I can do with the product I have already purchased! OCR also only works with the professional package. This is pretty blatant false advertising. Tell me how to do this simple task with the product I have bought. If it can't be done then I would like either a complete refund (which will be followed with an official complaint on your Facebook feed) or upgrade me for free to professional so that I can do what I need to do. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought this program (not the Pro version) and so far I have found it next to useless. All I want to do is turn a PDF document into a Word document so I can edit it and turn it into a PDF later. When I do the convert to Word it just turns the PDF into a picture in Word and I can't edit it. That is useless. Can someone please tell me how to do this, as if I were a 5-year old??? Thanks in advance!