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  1. View / Zoom / dropdown list

    WHEN the ribbon is minimized , as default, it do not work. (I use quite large docs.)
  2. How do I transfer this PDFelements pro program license from one PC to my laptop, or another PC ? -remove license (and program) from PC -use the same license in laptop for PDFelement. (I have to remove PDFelements because it can not be used to crop large A0/A1 PDF pictures precisely into small printable form A3. And another pdf-program is default taking all pdfs which can operate ok. I could perhaps find any usage for PDFelement in laptop if any. ) (I found confusing instruction that this 'one license could be used in PC and laptop at different time' ( how). But there is mysterious 5 times use limit, which is not defined. Or I am too dum to understand fine/ best help explanation. Perhaps this is not relevant now.)
  3. View / Zoom / dropdown list

    I meant what I wrote. " Do you mean each zoom% in the drop down list does not work " =YES. With any pdf using drop down list of zoom % it does not work. Like 100% 200%. Select 100% . Stays on 200 %. Only clicks on + - works. Try yourself. =bug. This is the most basic feature of this program.
  4. How the see filename ? or crop precisely?

    The doc size is 1200x610 mm. I try to crop A4 = 280x180mm And I don't see what I am doing in the tiny 'preview'. Then I hit and miss, write down marginals on a paper , try miss again about for 5 to 10 minutes per each. See the solution to given. 1) remember last crop + possibility fine adjust or 2) use doc size crop windows. I solved this by using another program to crop PDF.
  5. How do I see the long filename when it is not visible on a tab and it is not on program header either ? Like 20170907-basicfeatures-projectPDFelements-62222620-new features.pdf Like program option to display filename in the program header or somewhere. Also How to crop a pdf page 42"x24" in 2x3" preview windows precisely when you do not see anything but grey ameba ? Also program forgets old crop margins, so the fine adjustment is done impossible. If it operated, I could buy some more. "Why not to do it easy, when you can do it impossible?"
  6. View / Zoom / dropdown list

    How to select a zoom % from drop down list when it does not work ? Like 150%. Now only multiple +- works. Win7 64bit. Pdfelements pro