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  1. PDF Elements Pro change Lizenz

    Hi Roger, you can remove your current registration by clicking on the Help/Hilfe tab --> License Information ("Registrierung") and pressing Ctrl+Shift+F12 to reveal the "UnRegister"-button in the license information popup window. Once you click it, you can re-enter your credentials. Did you already purchase the company license? Feel free to me directly under JulianE@wondershare.com, as I can assist you directly with custom pricing and deployment for volume company licenses.
  2. Expandable form fields in PDFelement for Mac?

    Hi Miri, you can change the settings of any form field from to "Multi-line" or "Scroll long text" to change the way it is displayed. I added the same long sample text in the two fields on the right - the bottom form field is set to multi-line setting: []
  3. Product Licence Purchasing

    Hi Vincent, the purchase is a perpetual (permanent) license and not a subscription!
  4. Watermark removal impossible in PRO version

    I tested to detect the watermark again using Adobe Acrobat DC and Foxit PhantomPDF, and both softwares proceed like PDFelement (watermark is only detected as image and can only be edited/removed as such). According to Adobe the document, and thus likely the watermark as well, was created by an online PDF creator. You can still remove the watermark like you would remove an image in the document.
  5. Watermark removal impossible in PRO version

    Hi, as each application puts the watermark slightly differently, the watermark you see is technically speaking just an image in PDFelement, because it's not placed in the same layer as where the software would put a new watermark. The "remove watermark" function only removes images in the watermark-layer. To remove the watermark in your document, you would go to "Edit", click on the watermark to highlight and delete it like any other image/textbox in the document.
  6. The OCR function and scanned book pages

    Hi Notimetoulouse, I just tried to convert your file with the full version and attached a screenshot of the result. There are some small errors (e.g. "sir" instead of "air") which can be solved if one used higher-resolution (sharper) source documents, but overall it looks quite reliable. This uploaded image shows the editable text, you can also simply do searchable which would not change the font but can be highlighted/copied like normal text.