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  1. Converting from JPEG via OCR to Word 2010

    In the meantime I have converted my PDF-file with another tool (http://pdf2doc.com/de/). It works exactly good and my actual prpblem is solved. I think there is an error in PDFelements. reagards, Ho
  2. Converting from JPEG via OCR to Word 2010

    Hi, I have changed as you wite to me. Sorry, it doesn´t work, the result is the same. regards, Ho
  3. Converting from JPEG via OCR to Word 2010

    Hi, my screenshot shows first the original PDF-File, which I converted to Word. I Don´t meen the return symbol. thanks, Ho
  4. Hi, Win 10, Word 2010, PDF elements 6 pro I have an eight pages dokument (docx), each page contains a single JPEG. I converted this document via OCR to a PDF-file. It works very fine and looks good. After converting this PDF-File to Word there are very strange section breaks. (Abschnittswechsel) Removing manually the section breaks brings a chaotic formatting to the Word-document. What can I do to have vo section breaks in the Word-document? Thanks for helping me, Ho Converting docx to pdf.pdf Converting PDF to docx.docx