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  1. Watermark

    First of all, as the a tool for productivity, you should have a more conservative approach to protect your product as well as potential customers. it is not a game or a music player, people's effort is at stake when they try out your product. Secondly, when I tried your product, I expected it to be a fully functional version with some limitation on the productivity not harsh damage to my work. And after I made a few changes to my file with your product, I must check and find out the compatibility with other software. This was exactly what had happened and why I got "watermarked". And, I did not notice any warning or prompt before I clicked the save button. It was until I opened up the file in adobe when I found the watermark and shocked. Further more, having a potential customer affected by your product send in his private work to undo the damage done instead offering him a registration key with limitations (time/copies) or other reasonable or practical solution is another sign of lacking generosity. At least, it is not so thoughtful from a customers' view point. However, I do thank you for your reply and the attempt to offer help. Fortunately, I HAD START OVER AND CAUGHT UP WITH THE SCHEDULE, so, thanks but no thanks. I would not be touching your product any time soon.
  2. Watermark

    tried the software, got watermarks on my multi-days work-in-progress file. how do i remove them without purchasing? feels like black mailed!