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  1. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    How's it going? I rescanned the book and eliminated most of the bleed. Do you want me to send the new file?
  2. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    ok thnx!
  3. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    ok, I optimized it to 13MB
  4. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    I read your reply. Thanks you. I uploaded the file, but the minimum upload is 20 mb and mine is 35 mb. Is that an issue? thanks!
  5. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    I sent it to you via Failmail a large document email service. The email on FileMail will read sent from: Cory@osborn.org Thanks!
  6. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    Hi, yes I'm working with the same file in both posts. I tried OCR with Word and then with ePub receiving slightly different results. I posted one page out of the book. The entire book scanned, imported into PDFelement, and saved as a PDF, is 35MB. Would it be ok to email it to you via FileMail?
  7. PDF to ePub

    When I performed an OCR to ePub function from a scanned page of a book, this is the result. Is it normal for ePub to leave out all the spaces between words?
  8. Scanning and Converting books with OCR

    I am trying to scan and convert books to Word using OCR. The books will eventually be edited within Adobe inDesign. Has anyone done this and have any advice? I'm just not getting the results I was hoping for. Below is an example of one of the pages after scanning it from hard copy and imported into PDFelement. Then the OCR to Word is what happened after using the OCR Spanish language feature and opened it in Word.