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  1. check symbols reduced when printed

    Hi Alesssion Franceschi, Sorry for bring some trouble with you.We have already made a test about this issue in our computer and however we print display is common.I guess the reason is because of the document.So, could you send the document to us? I will make a deeply testing later. Thank you.
  2. Default to B&W print instead of Color

    Hi, The PDFelement print function can set the COLOR status in current file,please see the attachment screenshot.
  3. Problems converting large pdf to excel

    Yes,Our Programmers are looking at this. We have plan update new version in March and hope will solve it at that time.
  4. New Images

    Hi Tim, Thank you for your question and we have already make a communication with our team,this is a good idea requirement and it will put into our requirement list .Hoping we will release it as soon as possible. Thanks again.
  5. Default Font, Font Size, and Margins

    For now ,The PDFelement can set default Font by every form field type,please see the screenshot. About your second question ,can you show more information and requirement to us? Thanks again.
  6. Problems converting large pdf to excel

    Hi Pete, we really concern this issue,the reason is the large pdf file covert into worksheet will bring computer memory crash.I have already make a communication with our developer,Hoping will solve it as soon as possible. Thank you.
  7. Major issue Export to Excel for all pages

    The large pdf file convert into worksheet it result in the computer memory crash,so I will push our developer to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  8. Problems converting large pdf to excel

    Hi Pete Lund, I tried this document in our software,through some analysis and research,because there are many pages about your document and the it will be make a crash in memory.So this is the reason convert a blank Excel and other issue.I have already sent the issue to our developer and hope will solve it as soon as possible. By the way,for now you can divided your document into some smaller document,and it will convert successfully. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Pete Lund, Thank you for your concern,our PDFelement really can convert the big document to Excel(*.xlsx and *.xls),There is no limits with payment version. you can download our software to trail and if you have any question during trail ,please contact us. Thank you.
  10. Auto updated date field

    Hi Jens Karll, For Now, You could click the "Help->Check for updates"to recognize whether we have the newest version. However, the software didn`t support make an auto-updated field. Thank you for your support.
  11. Ms.

    Hi Melissa Crockett, For Now,The PDFelement for Windoiws newest version is V5.12.1,you can update the newest version by free. About your register issue,you could use the same key(Email+License) to register our software in your new computer.Please sent your Email Address and I will make a double check if possible. Thank you.
  12. Excel Numbers are Text

    Hi Bruce Fahey, Sorry for bring some issue with you,According to your describtion,I just thought it`s the document problem,Can you sent the document to us if possible?We will do more test and sent the solution to you.
  13. Dear Mr Faan Jooste, I`m Sorry for bring some trouble with you. About your issue,we have already made a analysis about your log ,and we also thought the issue was related with" RPC",Kindly please confirm the issue dialogue was same as "the OCR process has to be cancelled because of unexpect error",meanwhile we will try our best to track and solve the reason of this issue day and night. I`m a really sorry again and hope we will fix this problem as soon as possible.
  14. Hi Fann Jooste, I am sorry about this. For the case, you can try to convert the different document,and if the issue still exist please share the information to us. Thank you.
  15. Cannot get purchases OCR to install in element

    we provide the OCR trail function even the customer buy or not, you can trail the OCR convert quality firstly,and if you want to save or export your document ,the software will have a pop-up to guide you register it . The OCR package has more than 200M ,it`s big package,when you download the package somewhere depend your network quality or else,we now have already have a solution "Resume from break point"could help the customer download it smoothly.