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  1. Drop down Ribbon

    Is there a way to keep the ribbon that drops down when you click a menu always showing like Adobe? Now if I click on file, all the options drop down in a ribbon. Can't I just hover to find what I am looking for? Usinf PDF Professional.
  2. Random Bad Print Jobs

    Have you been able to recreate the bad print job?
  3. Random Bad Print Jobs

    Daphne, Attached please find the original file. Statement of Non-Collusion.pdf
  4. Random Bad Print Jobs

    I will get the file today and send it to you.
  5. Random Bad Print Jobs

    Daphne, The problem is when the form has had text added to it, sometimes and only sometimes some of the text either dissapears or just some of the text dissapears. I have attached a print job where the text has dissapeared in some places. Funny thins is the next time you print it, the text shows up just fine. Bad Print jobs.pdf
  6. Random Bad Print Jobs

    No the file will print just fine sometimes,, but if you look at the attached files I sent, the printing is missing in some places. This is very random and happens sometimes but not others.
  7. Random Bad Print Jobs

    Attached are a few bad print jobs. They happen randomly and if you repeat the same print job it will work just fine. The printer is on a network and is a Konica Bizhub 360. Printing the same documents on a local printer does not seem to have the same problem. This problem is annoying to say the least as going to the printer requires a long walk so a fix would be good. The computers that use the printer all are Windows 10. Does anyone have a solution? Bad Print jobs.pdf
  8. Form Fill Error

    I am having trouble filling out this form which we use every week. I never had this problem with Adobe Acrobat. You should be able to put a value in the boxes and they should sum up at the end. I checked the calculate tab and it seems to be okay. What am I doing wrong. CERTIFIED PAYROLL FORM-Blank.pdf