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  1. Save print options?

    Hi Jacky and Daphne, quick print by clicking on the print symbol works fine. Thank you. But I am used to press Ctrl+P instead of pointing the mouse cursor on the print symbol. So when I do this in WORD or any other application I alway get the "print all pages-option" at first. So I wondered if I could make this as default in PDF Element as well. Daphnes advice to right-click/print on a document page is a good idea. This is much faster than pointing the mouse on the small quickprint-symbol. Thank you very much!
  2. Save print options?

    Where can I save the print settings/options? Everytime I want to print a file with more than one page the print options are set to "print actual page". So I have to change it to "print all pages". Everytime. Is it possible to save the settings of the print options? Thank in advance for any advice. Thomas