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  1. Out of space

    Rebecca, Here is a screenshot. Funnily enough, the out of space warning has gone, but all my 'doc' files for word and 'xls' files for excel are greyed out and wont allow me to select them from file for conversion to pdf.Any help is appreciated. Using version Its on a Mac. Thx
  2. Hi, Whenever i create a Pdf, it comes through in portrait format. I cannot find anywhere to allow me to create it as Landscape, nor can i find a setting within the programme to change it into Landscape. My pages which are sometimes singles within excel and are coming through in 2,3 & 4 pages when converted in Pdf and split into sections all over the place. It may be a simple solution, but its too difficult for me to work out! Any help is appreciated. Thx
  3. Out of space

    Whenever i try and open, or create a new pdf, it tells me that the pdf im creating/opening, is 'out of space', and wont do anything. Any help is appreciate. Thx
  4. Set as default

    Brilliant. So stupidly simple. Obviously this option is usually on the top toolbar as an option in preferences, but hey ho, all good! Thx again.
  5. Set as default

    Can someone tell me how to set PDF element 6 Pro for Mac as the default when opening PDF's? Thx