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  1. pdf to epub

    No, my goal is to convert to EPUB. Word already has a feature to convert to pdf. How can I get a refund?
  2. pdf to epub

    Darn, I will keep trying to figure it out. If I am not able to can I get a refund?
  3. pdf to epub

    I have done as directed. Attached is pdf and epub. When and How to Invest in Gold and Silver 2-9-16.pdf When and How to Invest in Gold and Silver 2-9-165.epub
  4. pdf to epub

    Actually, the links did not work for any attempts. Thanks.
  5. pdf to epub

    Hello, I am trying to convert a pdf file to epub. This is what I need: I need the pdf to have links and a book cover. I have the book cover as a pdf. I edited the pdf in pdfelement; adding the book cover and creating links. For my first attempt, I converted with the default settings (TEXT AND IMAGES TO EPUB). The book cover did not pop up, the links worked but all the text was jumbled up all my text had no spaces in between them. For my second attempt, I converted with the settings of converting with EACH PAGE AS AN IMAGE. Everything displayed the way i wanted to but the links did not work. Please help. Thanks!