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  1. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    Thanks for the quick reply Daphne. I did try different PDF documents with the same results. The printer, a Toshiba TEC B-SV4 label printer, works with Adobe Acrobat and PDF-Xchange. Unfortunately these programs do not have the features I require. Sorry I can't provide you with a log file. I had already uninstalled PDFElement ready for the new installation. Unfortunately the download link you provided above does not work, nor do links on this website page, so I am unable to reinstall. Would you please give me a working link to the download. Many thanks for your continued efforts to solve this problem.
  2. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    The download link you provided does not work.
  3. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    Many thanks for your quick reply. I have since changed my printer for the exact same model but it still will not print (I also updated the printer driver.). I also found the log file and it had a windows32 exception error referenced in it. I thought it might have been a visual basic debugger problem, so I cleared all reference of visual basic debugger from my registry. Still no change. I will try another fresh install from the link you provided and report back.
  4. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    I should add that I am using Windows 10.
  5. B-SV4 Printer connection problem.

    When I print to my label printer, a Toshiba TEC B-SV4, I get the error 'Printer Connection Error, Printing Failed!'. The printer works with other applications and a test print from Windows Device Manager is perfect. I have changed permissions in Windows so that all applications and all users can have access to the printer but it still does not print. PDFElement will print to my other printer but not the one I need. Is there something I can do to fix it?