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  1. I'm certainly NOT using "pirated version!!!!!!

    Dear Rebecca, Thank you for getting back to me. I suspect your developers are able to show you the "YOU ARE USING A PIRATED VERSION" banner. Why it appeared at such inopportune moment, I can't say. Sod's law, perhaps. As for me, I have decided to uninstall the software. Regards Lorenzo PS Should you need more information, you can reach me at my email address.
  2. A while ago, following the advice from a reputable software site (either Raymond.CC or SharewareOnSale, I can't remember which) I downloaded a legitimate copy of Elements 6 from YOUR own web site ( https://pdf.wondershare.com/cooperation/pdfelement6-get-registration-code.html ) and shared it on Social Media to get the temporary license. This morning, in front of a student of mine, I opened the program to look at a PDF and we were presented with a horrible, nasty, and totally false accusation that I was using a PIRATED COPY. We sort of laughed it off, but I feel that that accusation damaged the sense of trust that my student had in me. I can understand if you had said that my copy was expired, or that I needed to renew my licence, or something like that, but to just accuse me of using a PIRATED COPY, is totally out of order. I think that an apology is quite due. And if together with the apology you also wanted to offer me a full license, it would be much appreciated, because at the moment I am quite cross with you. Lorenzo