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  1. Danish language

    Hi, My name is Jan. I am trying out PDFelements Pro 6 latest version for Windows. (I`m using Windows 10 64-bit). I just downloaded the OCR-package and noticed support for 23 languages but no scandinavian languages! (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish......) We have the letters Å, å Ä, ä and Ö, ö. The letters Å and Ö I can get by ticking for the German language BUT NOT the letter Å. ( And please notice that for example the letters Ö and Ä are many times written differently in for example danish. So are there language-packeges for the above mentioned scandinavian languages??
  2. Import and rearrange PDF-pages

    Thanks, exactly what I needed to know Jan
  3. Page sizes

    Thanks for a perfect answer. I´m happy Jan
  4. Page sizes

    What pagesizes can I choose for the pdf-file. I noticed that there is fixed sizes but not what sizes. Can I choose f.ex. A4 as size? Letter size is no good for me as I live in Europe. I assume I can choose millimeter or centimeter instead of inch OR? Best regards Jan
  5. Import and rearrange PDF-pages

    Hello, I wonder if I can decide where to put a page in a pdf-file. Like I have a pdf-fil with 8 pages and want to combine this file with a pdf-file consisting of 2 pages and these 2 pages have to be placed beween pages 6 and 7 in the first pdf-file - Can I do that? Now lets say I found out that I made a misstake when combining the files and one of the 2 inserted pages should have been between pages 7 and 8 - Can I rearrange the pages? Best regards Jan