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  1. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Hello. I notice this issue was still not resolved on the latest upgrade for the mac version. I'm really disappointed about this. I've been holding out a pretty long time waiting for this fix
  2. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Yes, I am using the Mac version. Do you know if this issue will be addressed anytime soon for the Mac version?
  3. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Seems like ver 6.2.1 is what was updated last week. Is v 6.2.2 coming out soon? Been checking for it daily.
  4. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Thank you for your reply and video clip, Rebecca. Yes, that seems to work as long as you are using PDFElement. But as soon as you open the file in Adobe, the bookmarks are no longer "Fit Page". I realize what's happening now. If "fit page" in PDFElement happens to be a certain percentage (say 76% for example) the percentage is what's saved with the bookmark destination rather than the "fit page" setting which may be a completely different percentage in Adobe. Does that make sense? Jacky, thank you for your reply. Do you still think version 6.2.2 will fix the issue? If so, I will be getting this program! I really like it, except for this one issue I've had.
  5. Bookmarks change zoom of page

    Ok. So I always like my pdfs to be "fit page". For initial view I always make sure to select "single page" and "fit page". The problem is that when you create bookmarks, clicking on the bookmark causes the page to zoom in and I have to readjust the zoom to "fit page". Is there any way to make the bookmarks such that the "fit page" zoom is preserved? This is literally the one thing stopping me from buying the full version. Let me add that I need this feature to work when being opened up in Adobe.