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  1. thanks for your clear answer. I look forward to furter features. thansk
  2. Look in attatchment what i want to achief: I want to count all the money in collum "Kas-Bij" where in collum BC is a specific code. So i can find the total of that specific code. Hope this is clear. Thanks boekhoudstaat.pdf
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. And yes this option i already found. But that is the SUM formule I was looking for SUMIF formule. That means that i can count all rows where in the collum "a" the value is: "other" In case of the example the total contributions of "other" should be: 22 That is the formule where i am looking for. Please tell me that that is possible with PE. thanks anyway
  4. I want to create an table where people can fill in an catagory an article and a price. At the end of the table i will count the total price of 1 category. Is that possible with PDF Elements ? so i want to count with conditions. In Excel i use SUMIF, but is that possible with PE? Hope to hear Yes :-) But how do i do that? thanks for your help