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  1. count rows where cell "one" has condition?

    thanks for your clear answer. I look forward to furter features. thansk
  2. count rows where cell "one" has condition?

    Look in attatchment what i want to achief: I want to count all the money in collum "Kas-Bij" where in collum BC is a specific code. So i can find the total of that specific code. Hope this is clear. Thanks boekhoudstaat.pdf
  3. count rows where cell "one" has condition?

    Thanks for your quick reply. And yes this option i already found. But that is the SUM formule I was looking for SUMIF formule. That means that i can count all rows where in the collum "a" the value is: "other" In case of the example the total contributions of "other" should be: 22 That is the formule where i am looking for. Please tell me that that is possible with PE. thanks anyway
  4. I want to create an table where people can fill in an catagory an article and a price. At the end of the table i will count the total price of 1 category. Is that possible with PDF Elements ? so i want to count with conditions. In Excel i use SUMIF, but is that possible with PE? Hope to hear Yes :-) But how do i do that? thanks for your help