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  1. Hey David, Is all the pages on the PDF file have a consistent layout? The problem is when converting all the pages into one single spreadsheet, the program might not be able to line up and match up all the table content from each pages perfectly into a structural formatting, unless each pages have very similar layout. However, there are some tricks that can help to bypass this limitation. You can try get rid of some of the content on the document which might cause some of these inconsistency problem(like image, text paragraphs outside of the tables, etc.). In order to help you figure out more suitable solution, would you mind upload a sample of your PDF here or send it over to the customer support email: ? Our engineers can help to take a look at it for further analysis and assistance. Thanks!
  2. When it comes to save (or convert) PDF to image files, PDFelement offers 3 ways to get this done depend on the output type you need. To get started, load the PDF file on PDFelement and go ahead and save (or convert) it into Image format. (There are many ways to trigger this, either from Home tab > To Others > Convert to Image or from File Tab thru Save As or Convert options. In the popup Save As windows, after you choose the directory for where you want to put the converted image, don't click the Save yet. Instead, click Settings... to bring up more advanced options. In the next dialog box, you have 3 options on what type of images you want for the output. 1. Each page of the PDF as separate images. This option is quite straight forward. You will get a folder of images, every file is a replica of its corresponding page from your PDF, but in image format. 2. Adjoin all pages into one single image. This one is very handy if you are trying to shrink your PDF to a long image as an email attachment or an inforgraphic. It will give you one single long image by merging all the PDF pages end to end. 3. Extract all images in the PDF. This will extract all the images embedded inside the PDF, and give you nice folder packed with all the image files inside that PDF. After you decided which type of output you are looking forward, click OK to proceed. Hope this helps.
  3. The newly added feature "Scanner to PDF" from PDFelement 6.1 allows you to hook up your scanners with PDFelement, so you can import the scanned documents directly from scanners to PDFelement, you can also OCR the scanned image into editable text. This feature is quite straight-forward. But do you know that you can also apply this same technique practically on any devices with image-capture capability, including... Yes, your smart PHONE! First, you took a photo of a hard-copy document with your phone. Then you connect the phone to your computer. (Make sure the computer has the driver of your phone properly installed.) 1. Launch PDFelement and go to Home > From Scanner 2. Click on the scanner drop down menu, you will find a list connected devices in the selections, including your phone, Go ahead and select your phone as the data source, and click Scan to proceed. 3. The "scanning" process will take awhile, if you have tons of photos stored in your phone. My iPhone storage has about 3000 photos, it took PDFelement less than 30 seconds to complete the scanning process, so I think it's pretty darn fast! 4. Now select the photo that you want to converted to PDF from your phone, and proceed with Get Photo. 5. After that, it will ask you if you have done all the selections or you want to continue with selecting more photos. After you finished with all the photo selections, click Yes. 6. PDFelement will convert the photos into PDF, with the option to OCR the scanned content into digital searchable and editable text. (Tips: Make sure your document is not upside-down or on its side before performing OCR. You might wanna rotate its layout to the upright direction first with the Rotate options from the PAGE tab.) 7. Now you know, you have a super convenient "Scanner" with OCR capability right in your pocket, no matter where you go. If all these are too complicated for you, there is always a short-cut. PDFelement is available on iOS too. (The Android version is also coming in a few months) PDFelement for iOS: or get it directly from Apple App Store: You can create PDF directly from your phone camera with this app (with so much more neat functions to discover). However, if you need to OCR the content, you still have to transfer the PDFs to the desktop version to get it done. Hope all these hope.
  4. Maybe some of you here already knows this little trick, but it comes really handy for those who doesn’t know about it yet. When you are at the Editing mode and targeting a certain objects, you can stretch the objects by dragging its endpoint, vertex, or control point. If you drag those points while holding Shift key on your keyboard. You can resize the whole block proportionally to its original scale. However, if you drag those points while holding Alt key on your keyboard. You can pretty much resize the object to whatever aspect ratio you preferred (freestyle). What’s nice about this trick is that it works on the text appears as well! Sometimes you can create some really impressive font looks by doing this. Hope this helps.
  5. I don't know why no one has mentioned this trick yet, I just can't live without this nice handy thing that PDFelement has: By double-clicking on the item from the tab that you wish to add onto your document, you kinda triggered this silent mode that allows you to add the same item continuously without keep going back and clicking it on the tab bar. This trick works on all the comments, shapes, form controls, and etc. Hope this hopes, cheers!
  6. payent Refund

    Hi Amit, Yes, we offer 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee to all our PDFelement registered users. Simply go to our support line here: , click on the floating "Submit a Ticket" button on the right side of the screen, and send your request along with your transaction details to the support team. They will be happy to help you with the refund process. Just small advice though, next time, please try not post your personal email and the product code here, The forum is kind of an open space. You know. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. Creating Custom Stamp

    Hi Hassan, I think you meant how to create a custom company seal. If so, just 1. click on "Create Stamp" button under the "Comment" Tab, then select "Create Custom Stamp" to bring up the popup menu. 2. Select the picture you wish to use for the company seal, then click OK to proceed. 3. Now the company stamp you created will be saved and available in the "Stamps" selection. 4. Simply select it and place it wherever you like in the document. You can do further customization on it by click on it after that. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Jenny, I might misinterpret your question here. But as far as I can tell, to save every pages as thumbnail size image, you can simply: 1, While your file is open, click the "To Others" conversion tool button on the Home Tab, and select "Convert to Image"; 2. In the popup windows, click "Settings" to bring up more customization options; 3. Select the option: "Each page of the PDF as separate images", then click OK to proceed with the conversion. I hope this helps. Let us know if it works, thanks!
  9. Professional vs Standard + ORC

    Hi Kimberly, Thank you for your interests in PDFelement. We are extremely sorry about all the confusions you've experienced with our affiliates. We've just released the new generation PDFelement series about three weeks ago, so it's kind of a transition period where some of our partners and vendors are still selling the old version of our product. We have been encouraging them to renew their listing. But some of them just a little slow in responding to our calls. Thank you for your understanding. Regarding the update issues you inquired about, you can always get the latest version from our official site:; the PDFelement 5 will remain tech supported by us, however, all the new feature developments and updates will only be reflected in the new PDFelement 6 series. All the updates for 6.x are free. We have a very exciting year-long product development plan ahead of us, some coming up new updates include PDF/A, XFA Forms, and etc. We really hope that you can stick around and see what we have to offer. Most of the coupons are generated by our partners in order to promote or clear out their inventory from time to time. Unfortunately, we do not have any active coupon for the new PDFelement 6 yet. Last not least, You can certainly create a PDF form from Word with our product. Make sure you get the PDFelement 6 Professional version. Create PDF by import the Word document into PDFelement, Then go: Form > Form Field Recognition. The program will automatically generate the fillable form fields according to the layout in your Word document. Then save the file in PDF format, It is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat readers. and of course compatible with all other PDF readers out there, as long as they were developed their products according to the PDF ISO international standard, just like we do. I hope this helps. Thanks.
  10. What is a Lifetime License

    Hi David, Thank you for sharing the your concern on the topic. The license you purchased on PDFelement 5.x is a perpetual license. You can and will always have the access to PDFelement 5. We routinely update the product with bug fixes and minor improvements on the features according to our year-long development roadmap on the product. These updates are free. However, PDFelement 6 is a standalone product, it includes some of the major developments on the series, mostly are new features and new designs that differentiate the product dramatically from its previous series. The new upgraded major version will not interfere with your present PDFelement 5.x software or overwrite it. And also, all the previous series will continue to receive the support from us no matter what versions they have on their computer. I hope this helps. Feel free to drop us a line at: if you need further assistance on the subject. Thanks!
  11. about PDFelement 5

    Hi Randy, Your kind words mean a lot to us. We can’t imagine how we can make it to where we are today without the support and guidance we received from all our loyal users like you. On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to thank all of our users who continuously supporting us all these years. We will keep doing our best to provide you the solution to make your work with documents easier and more efficient. Thanks so much!
  12. about PDFelement 5

    Hi Randy, Thank you so much for your valuable inputs. Meanwhile, as one of the senior members on the development team, I’d like personally thank you for your continuous support and your understanding. My sincere apology for the bad example I commented earlier. You are absolutely right. I still remember the day when we first launched the PDF Editor 1.0 as a startup project back in 2011, even though there was only less than ten people on the entire team, our goal was to create the world’s best and most affordable PDF editor that you can edit the PDFs as easy as you work with office documents in Word. As the year goes by, our team kept growing. Just last month, we have another four very experienced coders joining us. But our vision never changed in all these years. We want to provide the best and most affordable PDF solution there is, as simple as that. As you can imagine, PDF Editor is a quite complicated application, some new functionalities requested by our pervious users might take 5 or 6 engineers 2 to 3 months to develop and perfect it. We want to make our users happy and we want our users keep using our product to make their work easier and faster. For the last 5 years, we are working very hard to meet our goal. But as the program’s technical complexity level escalated, we had to put more and more resource into it to achieve that goal. And most of the time, we were barely break even. There are indeed some financial criteria we have to meet eventually, but it is the last thing on our mind to ask our pervious users to pay for it. Trust us, we had multiple debates internally, we can certainly launch the new PDFelement 6 as a brand-new different titled product like we did when we replace PDF Editor with PDFelement, but we felt the continuity is more friendly to our users, and we want to share all the new benefits and advantages we’ve brought in to our previous users. Ultimately, the $29 upgrade fee will be invested to have more advanced features and future improvements available to all our users. We will keep doing our best to improve the quality of our product as our vision suggested, I am sure you can feel the thoughtfulness and goodwill after you experienced the transition from 5 to 6. We sincerely hope all our previous users can understand our concerns, and we thank you so much for your understanding. Patrick PDFelement Development Team
  13. about PDFelement 5

    Dear Sir/Madam, Based on your comments above, I understand your concern, but I sense there are some misunderstandings in-between. The PDFelement 5 will remain fully tech-supported by us as long as our company exist, but only limited for the updates such as bug fixes and so on. This is a lifetime promise like you mentioned, we have absolutely no intent to break it. As for PDFelement 6, we choose to put all the newly developed features we've worked so hard on for the last 5 months onto the new generation of PDFelement, simply because the old PDFelement 5 is no longer capable to handle all the new upgrades and upcoming new features from both engineering and branding perspectives. Therefore, the PDFelement 6 is practically a brand-new product from scratch. The good example is that even though we released a new generation PDFelement 6, like iPhone 6, we will still keep our lifetime-tech-supported to all the previous versions, iPhone 5, 4, and so on, but all the new features on iPhone 6, will only be available in iPhone 6. Like Jacky mentioned above, the choice to upgrade is yours, you can keep using PDFelement 5 as long as you wish. I hope this helps to clarify your concerns. Thank you for your understanding.
  14. How to scan new document?

    Hi David, If I understand correctly, you have some documents created from your printer/scanner, you want to digitalize them, and make them editable? If so, just drop the scanned document into PDFelement. The program will detect it's scanned. A yellow menu bar will appear automatically right below the tab bar.(See attached) Just perform OCR to convert the flat/scanned document to editable one. Hope this helps. (Please Note: the OCR is a separated plug-in, you need to download it first before using it, go Home > OCR to initiate the download process, it's about 200mb, so might take a while.)
  15. Dear Edgar, We are extremely sorry about the wait, as our engineer team is working hard to solve the conversion problem you had in the last couple of weeks. However, the issue turn out to be more time consuming than we previously expected. We already have a solution, but might need some extra time to code it. Meanwhile, we'd happy to give you a refund on the product you purchased. Simply go to our official support center:, and submit your request by click the floating Submit Ticket button on the right side of your screen. However, we do wish to invite you to try PDFelement again and hear your opinions after we fix the conversion problem. Thank you! Kind regards, Patrick Yuk