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    Thank you both, Jacky and Rebecca! Now is clear for me! I'll try another way, so I can use the PDF element! Best regards!! Fernanda
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    Hi Rebecca, Not exactly that is what I want... Attched my file. Where you see a sofa, is just one item, and I want to put many items in order, and the footer going down, everytime a picture is insert. One imagem bellow another, so that blanck space is getting bigger , and the archive is growing, and the footer, going down... For ex. You see a sofa, right? Is like a line in Excel. So I want to put a chair for ex. bellow, than a table bellow, , than other thing.... like a list, you know what I mean? The PDF seems to be locked for any change in that space. And for me this space is not enough. Can you help me? Thanks! Maria Trial PDF .pdf
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    Hi! I really liked the program but for me it's only one problem, that if I can't solve it, the program will be useless. I have a model that I've created and made it PDF. Everything that I can do in PDF ELEMENT is very appropriate for what I want. However, it's only one thing that I couldn't find and is the most importante for me. I need to give space, like the "enter" on MICROSOFT WORD, in order to enlarge the space so I can put more items on the specific space I left. Just that: the "enter". Do anyone knows how ? Please and thank you. Best Regards Maria