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  1. You have got to be kidding me!

    Open ANY PDF document with PDF Element 6 Pro (version and click on "Edit" in the top menu, then click "Header & Footer", then click "New Header & Footer". A new window opens with a title of "New Header && Footer" (yes, there are 2 "&" symbols in the title when there should be just one). Now go down to the "Header & Footer" section and try typing in something in any of the 6 fields. All should go well sa long as you don't type a "Y" or "y". Typing a "Y" or "y" in any of these fields closes the window and does NOT enter a "Y" or "y" in the header field. You can enter any other letters and any number on the Header & Footer fields, but if you try and enter a "Y" or a "y", it closes the "New Header && Footer" immediately. You CANNOT use "Y" or "y" in the headers. I was already irritated with how awfully slow the app has become, and now this. WTF Wondershare?