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  1. To illustrate, I didn't do exactly the same steps, but the result is the same (no warning when do File, Close on modified comment text). I did screen snapshots along the way & collected them together into Presentation software and then created a PDF file that I attach. PDF_Element_Study.pdf
  2. I extracted two pages from a PDF file. I then opened the resulting PDF file and I used menu tab "Comment" to add a text box to that PDF file. I did File, Save, and saved the file. I also closed it. I then opened it again, using File, Open and added more text to the text box. At that point there was no File, Save option. I could do File, Close and the file closed with no warning that it should be saved. This was unexpected behavior.
  3. In the "Productivity Bootcamp" forum I posted with topic change font size in form field and was told how to change text font size in a form field. On the form of interest (see file attachment) there hadn't been enough room for long email addresses, with the "Auto" font size default, so I changed the font size to 10. I am left wondering what "Auto" means? It could have meant automatically change the font size so that the typed text fits in the form box, but that didn't seem to be the case. I've also seen instances where the spaces between words disappeared, when the fillable form was used, and then viewed by e.g. Preview on a Mac. I've yet to track this behavior down, to report more precisely under what circumstances this happens. I'm using a Mac Book Air, with OS Sierra 10.12.5 and PDF Element Adare Form - MaintenanceRequestForm_fillable.pdf
  4. I don't see where PDF Element 6 Pro allows one to choose the font size in a form field. The article at URL http://smallbusiness.chron.com/change-font-size-pdf-form-field-46427.html discusses doing this. Am I overlooking something?