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  1. I have a new computer (MacBook Air (13", 2017)). Using Migration Assistant and a Time Machine backup, I have PDF Element working on the new computer and have uninstalled it from the old computer (MacBook Air 13 mid-2013). Will I receive update notices on the new computer? If the answer is no, please give me instructions on the steps to take to have update notices appear on the new computer.
  2. Can I add text, then select it and drag it around?

    Thanks for this response. My problem was that I was inserting one letter, an "x" (as a strikeout marker for tree locations on a tree map). Initially, I wasn't able to find the cursor in the cross shape. By trying more locations on the text box I could find the cross.
  3. If I add text to a PDF file I would like to select it and drag it somewhere else. Is this possible? It seemed that I had to first move it vertically and separately, move it horizontally. I couldn't--for example--move it diagonally or in some arbitrary direction--without a two step process.
  4. In the menu at the top I see "Select' and it appears to give the same controls as "Comment". Are they the same? Are they related? I include a couple of screen snapshots.
  5. add link to text in form field

    I have noticed that I cannot do Edit, Link and create a link for text in a form field in a PDF document. Should that surprise me? I had to go back to a MS Word version of the document and add the link there and then use PDF Creator to achieve what I wanted.
  6. Tried inserting a circle

    Thank you for this tip about keeping the tool selected. I wasn't aware of that. I found that I could insert more than one shape, but I had to click on each one (and adjust its size) as I did so. They were then persistent. I attach what I read in Help for "Drawings". It would be helpful if the use of the control that allows for keeping tools selected were mentioned in "Drawing" help. If it is indeed necessary to click on each shape inserted (and adjust its size), that could be mentioned in "Drawing" help as well. PDF_element_drawing_help.key.pdf
  7. Tried inserting a circle

    Thank you for the advice to use the "Format" button to display the properties panel. Now we are back again to the persistence problem. I can insert a shape onto a document, but I can't get it to stay there. Similarly, I can't manage to insert two shapes onto a document. For example, I insert a circle onto a document. Whatever I do to try to insert a second circle, the first circle disappears.
  8. Tried inserting a circle

    I can add the circle but it disappears under a number of circumstances. The number of mystifying behaviors of "Comment", "Shapes" is almost too numerous to describe. I can chose "Comment', "Shapes" and no choice of shapes shows up. I can then click on the document and some shape will be inserted (likely the last one that I chose) and I'll see the "Properties" box and a list of shapes. If I Command click on that shape it might disappear immediately. If it doesn't & I click on the "Properties" box, that inserted shape disappears. The "Shapes" menu bar is no longer highlighted, but I see a list of shapes and their properties. I also see a "Done" box. If I click in the document, no shape gets inserted. I can click on the "Shapes" menu bar & it highlights and I can insert a shape. The "Shapes" menu bar is no longer highlighted. If I chose "Shapes" again, the inserted shape goes away. I think someone in the know should play with this shapes business and see if it makes sense.
  9. Tried inserting a circle

    I tried to insert a circle onto a PDF document & couldn't get it to persist. I was using the menu choices Comment, Shapes. At times the "Properties" box wouldn't show, unless I "clicked" on a location on the PDF file. My OS is MacOS Sierra, 10.12.6. I am using PDF Element Pro, version I instead did what I wanted to do, using the Keynote application on my Mac. I attach the resultant PDF file. In that case I used a star instead of a circle and I drew a line with an arrow, pointing to it. drain.key.pdf
  10. To illustrate, I didn't do exactly the same steps, but the result is the same (no warning when do File, Close on modified comment text). I did screen snapshots along the way & collected them together into Presentation software and then created a PDF file that I attach. PDF_Element_Study.pdf
  11. I extracted two pages from a PDF file. I then opened the resulting PDF file and I used menu tab "Comment" to add a text box to that PDF file. I did File, Save, and saved the file. I also closed it. I then opened it again, using File, Open and added more text to the text box. At that point there was no File, Save option. I could do File, Close and the file closed with no warning that it should be saved. This was unexpected behavior.
  12. In the "Productivity Bootcamp" forum I posted with topic change font size in form field and was told how to change text font size in a form field. On the form of interest (see file attachment) there hadn't been enough room for long email addresses, with the "Auto" font size default, so I changed the font size to 10. I am left wondering what "Auto" means? It could have meant automatically change the font size so that the typed text fits in the form box, but that didn't seem to be the case. I've also seen instances where the spaces between words disappeared, when the fillable form was used, and then viewed by e.g. Preview on a Mac. I've yet to track this behavior down, to report more precisely under what circumstances this happens. I'm using a Mac Book Air, with OS Sierra 10.12.5 and PDF Element Adare Form - MaintenanceRequestForm_fillable.pdf
  13. I don't see where PDF Element 6 Pro allows one to choose the font size in a form field. The article at URL http://smallbusiness.chron.com/change-font-size-pdf-form-field-46427.html discusses doing this. Am I overlooking something?